70s “fun type H” ball lamp XL size in the style of Panton


Designer : attr Verner Panton
Manufacturer : Unknown
Period : 1970s
Origin : Unknown
Material : Aluminium, Plastic: Cellidor in shades of red, pink and orange
Color : Multicolor red
Condition : Very good
Dimensions : Ø 78cm x 70cm (h)
Comment : Nice light patina on the frame, very good condition. We invite you to also read the text below.
Code : 0212047VH
Price : sold


Rare XL size ball lamp, Ø 78cm. The Ball lamp can be regarded as a further development in the style of the Verner Panton Fun lamps. This time used plastic balls. The result is a wide range of form and colour variations, in which sometimes balls of differing sizes were combined. The larger models in particular have a highly sculptural character.