70s Studio 65 ‘capitello’ chair for Gufram Italy



Designer : Studio 65
Manufacturer : Gufram s.r.l.
Period : 1971
Origin : Italy
Material : Polyurethan foam, latex rubber containtining paint
Color : Cream
Condition report : Good condition conistent with age and use
Dimensions : 116cm (w) x 116cm (d) x 80cm (h)
Comment : Franco Audrito and Piero Gatti founded Studio 65 as a radical response to functionalism. The Capitello chair subverts a traditional icon of classical high culture (the Greek ionic capital and column) and replaces it with a Pop-inspired icon for a new generation skeptical of the establishment. Hard, noble marble is substituted by cushy, cheap, self-skinning polyurethane foam. The load-bearing structural pillar of government and financial institutions is brought down from its lofty heigths in the form of a lounge chair that delights and surprises with its irrevent humor and biting sociopolitical critique. Good condition consistent with age and use.
Code : 0605069ZF
WS : A – A
Price : € 5.900,00 | $ 6.640,00