90s Marc Sadler ‘Gaston’ dressboy for Boffi

0624057OO-marc sadler-boffi-gaston-dressboy-retro-design-barbmama-4004
0624057OO-marc sadler-boffi-gaston-dressboy-retro-design-barbmama-12012
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0624057OO-marc sadler-boffi-gaston-dressboy-retro-design-barbmama-4004
0624057OO-marc sadler-boffi-gaston-dressboy-retro-design-barbmama-7007
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Designer : Marc Sadler
Manufacturer : Boffi
Period : 1993
Origin : Italy
Material : Chrome, wood, steel, fabric
Color : Multicolor
Condition : Very good
Dimensions : 48cm (w) x 43cm (d) x 177cm (h)
Comment : More information below written.
Code : 0624057OO
Price : € 3900,00


Incredible life size dress boy or servo muto from designer Marc Sadler for Italian high end company Boffi. This work of art is called ‘Gaston’. A true and stunning piece of art. Very design detailed and human-large. Metal with chrome. Drawers of massive wood. Top (for hat) of red velvet. Great condition. Including shoe horn of heavy copper and three drawers. With a metal wheel you can adjust the width of the dress boy. Height 177 cm, width 48 cm. This item is signed by Marc Sadler and numbered.