90s EOOS ‘Drift’ swivel fauteuil for Walter Knoll



Designer : EOOS: Martin Bergmann, Gernot Bohmann and Harald Gründl
Manufacturer : Walter Knoll
Period : 1990s
Origin : Germany
Material : Leather, chrome
Color : Green
Condition : Good
Dimensions : 107cm (w) x 77cm (d) x 70cm (h) | seath 38cm
Comment : Good condition with light spurs of usage. We invite you to also read the text below.
Code : 1203057ZF
: € 680,00


The Drift chair is developed by a team of 3 australian designers from their studio EOOS, specially for Walter Knoll. The drift is able to turns towards the user, friendly and inviting. The back makes a comfortable arm rest at the same time. Designed for the user to communicate with others very comfortable and relaxed. Red dot design award winner. Good condition with light spurs of usage.